Linda Suskie

  A Common Sense Approach to Assessment & Accreditation

Workshops & Presentations

I offer customized half-day and full-day workshops and presentations on a variety of assessment and accreditation topics.

I'm increasingly finding, however, that mandatory-attendance campus-wide events are not the most effective way to provide professional development on assessment and accreditation topics. This is because today faculty, administrators, and staff at any college or university typically have a variety of levels of professional development needs. Consider instead offering a professional development day with an array of programs and activities from which faculty and administrators may choose.

The effectiveness of professional development activities depends on follow-up. Promote lasting impact by planning concrete follow-up steps. If I do a workshop on curriculum mapping, for example, ask faculty in each program to complete a curriculum map by an established post-workshop deadline.

My "package" for campus visits includes up to one hour of advance review of any materials you care to send me. These might include potential workshop case study materials, such as learning outcomes that faculty are struggling to figure out how to assess or institutional effectiveness measures that administrators are struggling to use. My most effective workshops and presentations use these local materials. 

My package also includes a brief (two-page) post-visit summary of workshop feedback.

Examples of Recent Workshop Topics

  • Fostering a culture of  assessment
  • Learning goals and curriculum mapping
  • Using grading strategies to understand and improve student learning
  • Identifying assessment opportunities in degree requirements and academic programs
  • Integrating course, program, and institutional assessment
  • The assessment toolbox, including rubrics, multiple choice tests, and reflective writing
  • Summarizing and understanding assessment results
  • Understanding and improving learning
  • Assessing institutional effectiveness
  • Moving ahead with assessment

With faculty and staff at the College of Micronesia in Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia

Regional Workshops & Presentations

Some colleges and universities have opened my workshops or presentations to people from other colleges and universities in their region. They sometimes charge a modest fee for this, creating a revenue stream that helps offset the expense of bringing me in.

Scheduling a Visit

I am often booked 2-3 months in advance for campus visits, so book as early as you can. I am happy to hold a date tentatively, at no obligation, until I receive another call for that date, at which time I need an immediate, firm, written commitment from your institution.

With students in my graduate course at Universidad Mayor in Santiago, Chile