Linda Suskie

  A Common Sense Approach to Assessment & Accreditation

How Linda Can Help You

I am an educator who can help you and your colleagues learn how to:

  • Solve problems and break through roadblocks regarding assessment and accreditation.
  • Comply with accreditation requirements.
  • Design and implement effective assessments of student learning and institutional effectiveness.
  • Use assessment results to make improvements and to inform plans and resource allocations.
  • Plan and organize for an accreditation event such as a report submission or visit.
  • Document your work to accreditors clearly and effectively.

I offer a complementary 30-minute telephone conversation to discuss your needs and how I might best help you with them.

All our interactions are held in complete confidence; I do not discuss my work with anyone outside your institution without your express written consent.

Customized Educational Services

Everything I do is customized; I never repeat the exact same workshop or presentation twice. My customized educational services include:

Consider a Combination of Services

Some of my most effective work has been through a combination of services.

  • A day-long visit can begin with a half-day workshop, followed by meetings with groups and individuals needing specialized assistance.
  • Face-to-face consultations are more effective if I do an advance review of everyone's recent work.
  • Many institutions follow my reviews of their drafts with a conference call to discuss my comments and how to address them.