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My Services

Webinars and remote presentations. I customize all webinars and presentations to best meet your institution's or program's needs. I often start by asking to review some materials from your institution to help me understand where your institution or program is with assessment, what your greatest needs are, and how I might best help you. Then we'll jointly identify the learning goals of my sessions, and I'll take it from there.

Remote Q&A consultations. Some institutions schedule one or more telephone or Zoom calls simply to ask me questions and bounce ideas off me. 

Analyses of assessment and accreditation reports and documentation. I can analyze your recent assessment and accreditation reports and documentation and give you feedback on what you need to work on.

I normally spend no more than 3 hours on analyses of reports and documentation. If I finish the analysis in less than 3 hours, I invoice only the time spent, prorated for fractions of an hour. If you send me more than I can analyze in 3 hours, you're welcome to suggest priorities for my time.

I ask that we block off 2 days for me to complete an analysis. I ask that you e-mail me your materials before the first day of my review. By the end of the second day, I'll send a brief (2-page) summary of my key observations and suggestions.

What Services Do I NOT Offer?

Because of the pandemic, I am no longer making face-to-face visits.

I no longer offer the following services.

Mandatory-attendance sessions. Just a handful of people who don't want to be there can adversely impact the effectiveness of these sessions.

Professional development sessions that are expected to address a broad array of assessment topics in a limited amount of time. I'm often asked to provide, in essence, a three-credit graduate course on assessment in a few hours! Sessions that cover a great deal quickly, with little time on any one topic, leave everyone's heads spinning and little retained. I instead offer sessions that focus on helping your institution with its most urgent assessment needs.

Workshops to be attended by faculty from all programs and/or administrators from all units, unless the topic is something everyone clearly needs help with. Today people are typically in very different places regarding assessment. While some may be starting from scratch, others are farther along. Because learning goals and administrative unit goals can vary dramatically, so can assessment approaches. A short kickoff presentation for everyone, followed by mini-sessions for smaller groups or individual consultations, is often far more effective in meeting everyone's needs.

Reviews of drafts to accreditors. I can recommend a colleague who can do this.

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