Linda Suskie

  A Common Sense Approach to Assessment & Accreditation

Face to Face Consultations

More and more colleges and universities are bringing me to campus and parking me in a room somewhere for a series of brief, focused meetings with various groups on specific accreditation and assessment issues. These are among the most productive visits I do, so I recommend them highly. 

My "package" for a visit includes up to one hour of advance review of any materials you care to send me and a brief (two-page) post-visit report summarizing my key suggestions.. I can spend additional time in advance off-site review. I've found that the more time I spend in review before I visit, the better I understand your institution and what you all are doing, and the more productive the visit.

Telephone Consultations

Some colleges and universities schedule one or more conference calls to ask me an accumulated set of questions.

Examples of Recent Consultation Topics

  • Meeting the standards of American regional accreditors
  • Preparing for accreditation reviews, including submissions to accreditors
  • Applying for regional accreditation
  • Assessing student learning in academic programs, general education, and student development
  • Assessing institutional effectiveness, including assessment in administrative operations
  • Strategic planning
  • Defining and articulating learning outcomes and aligning them with curricula
  • Simplifying and improving existing assessment processes
  • Understanding and using assessment results
  • Fostering a culture of engagement in assessment
  • Assessment organization and governance
  • Institutional governance and administration
  • Assessment strategies, tools, and methods

Scheduling My Services

I am often booked 2-3 months in advance for campus visits, so book as early as you can. I am happy to hold a date tentatively, at no obligation, until I receive another call for that date, at which time I need an immediate, firm, written commitment from your institution.

For conference calls, I'm happy to block off time tentatively on my calendar. If you decide you don't need the call, you can simply cancel it at any time with no obligation.