Linda Suskie

  A Common Sense Approach to Assessment & Accreditation

Off-Site Analyses of Assessment & Accreditation Reports & Documentation

I can analyze your recent assessment and accreditation reports and documentation, including reports and correspondence from your accreditor, and give you feedback on what you need to work on, either through a brief written report to you or during a campus visit. I no longer review drafts of upcoming reports to accreditors, but I can recommend a colleague who can do this.

I normally spend no more than 3 hours on analysis of reports and documentation. If I finish the analysis in less than 3 hours, I invoice only for time spent, prorated for fractions of an hour. If you send me more materials than I can analyze in 3 hours, you're welcome to suggest priorities for my time, such as analyzing certain documents first or spending no more than 30 minutes on any one document.

Scheduling an Analysis

I ask that we block off two days for me to complete an analysis. I ask that you e-mail me your materials before the first day of my review. By the end of the second day, I will send a brief (two-page) summary of my key suggestions.