Linda Suskie

  A Common Sense Approach to Assessment & Accreditation

What People Say About Linda

I'm very shy about asking people for public statements of recommendation--I know how busy everyone is! But Dr. Richard Linn, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Planning at Trocaire College, very kindly offered to write a public recommendation for me after I helped Trocaire with its Middle States Periodic Review Report, which was publicly commended by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education for its quality. Thank you, Dick!

  • Linda's input was invaluable at all stages of writing the PRR report.  Her feedback was crisp, clear and to-the-point.
  • Linda has a finely tuned sense of what is important when applying and using outcomes assessment information.
  • Linda's understanding of what accreditors want is unparalleled.  Her practical guidance and advice made a difficult task (writing an accreditation report) much easier.
  • Linda is the 'go-to' consultant for accreditation and assessment advice – we will definitely be requesting her services again in the future.

Here are examples of other feedback I've received:
  • Your efforts have helped dramatically change the culture here. You will never know the wonderful impact you made with all of us.
  • Your feedback has been instrumental in moving our assessments forward. Your report has provided clarity for us about where we as a campus need to go.
  • We really appreciated the thoughtful planning you did to meet our faculty with where they are.
  • We learned so much from your presentation. Basically, people thought you were terrific.
  • You were acclaimed and referred to throughout the week by our academic leaders and continue to be referenced, so I know you made an impact.
  • Thanks for all of the work you did with our faculty. I think many of them came away with the message that this is doable. I especially appreciate the report you prepared with its list of a recommended plan of action and the list of reference materials that faculty may find useful in working through these vital aspects of delivering an excellent education.
  • We gained so much from your presentation and received much positive feedback concerning the workshop. Your insight and customized approach made it meaningful and applicable. We appreciate your specialized preparation and attention to detail!
  • You helped make the [accreditation] process and the entire experience transparent and manageable, and we appreciate every bit of help and advice you gave us along the way.
  • Everyone with whom I've spoken mentioned something they learned. Thanks for making the workshop so relevant to their needs!
  • You have always been an effective presenter, speaker and counselor. Your advice is direct and down to earth.
  • You have that unique capacity to make assessment, which to many of us is confusing and scary, into something understandable and manageable.
  • Great job! Well organized and small group discussions fit in well and were productive in getting points of presentation across.
  • Linda's interactive style of Q&A with the audience was very effective. Put the material in perspective. Dealt honestly with the realities, complexities, and challenges.
  • Linda Suskie is always great. Her presentations are always highly practical and very useful.
  • Linda is a model for information filled, supportive presentations.