Linda Suskie

  A Common Sense Approach to Assessment & Accreditation

Off-Site Analyses of Assessment & Accreditation Reports & Documentation

I can analyze your recent assessment and accreditation reports and documentation, including reports and correspondence from your accreditor, and give you feedback on what you need to work on, either through a brief written report to you or during a campus visit. I normally spend no more than 3 hours on any analysis of reports and documentation. I'm happy to discuss with you how best to spend that time.

Off-Site Reviews of Draft Accreditation Submissions

I can review drafts of upcoming reports to your accreditor. I ask that we block off 2 days for me to complete a review and that you e-mail me the draft as a Word document. I use Word's Review feature to annotate the draft with extensive comments. I then add a brief (one-page) summary of overall themes/concerns of my review. 

I normally spend no more than 3 hours on any draft review. In 3 hours, I will probably review only a portion of your draft. I aim to give you thorough feedback on that portion that you and your colleagues can apply to the rest of the draft, making this a learning experience for you all. Normally I use my judgement to decide which sections to review, but you're welcome to suggest priorities for my time, such as reviewing certain sections first or spending no more than 30 minutes on any one section.

Scheduling a Review

Try to schedule my review earlier rather than later, to give you as much time as possible to make any changes. (I'm thinking of what I'm hoping is the unlikely but worst case scenario--that there are significant omissions or unclear areas, and it will take you some time to address them.)

I'm happy to schedule sequential reviews of no more than 3 hours each. You would use my feedback from the first review to revise the draft, and I would then review portions of your second draft.

I can also review report sections separately, as they become available. This isn't ideal, but sometimes it's helpful to get feedback on one chapter while you're still working on others.